onsdag, august 10, 2022
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Another admin in ERN speaks to the media for the first time

OnlyFaanz, who daily race in division 4 in ERN, was today appointed as the newest member of ERNs administrator team. The driver is known to be shy, and usually never speaks in public to the news medias, or on...

Owner of 2TL Racing League in trouble

The owner of the 2TL Racing League is in trouble after he believed that the media around the world are inciting him in the worst way. The media houses deny any claims made by Gowers. Gowers chose to make the...

Formula 1-drivers sues the commentators

The Red Bull-driver, who almost died in a brutal crash yesterday, is suing the commentators of RNG Warrior and ImAliGlen in 2TL Racing League. OnlyFaanz, who drives for Red Bull in 2TL Racing League is currently on his new private...

Police has issued an arrest warrant for Formula 1 driver

One of the bosses in the 2TL Racing League, which goes by the nickname 2TL Cali, is wanted by the police after Red Bull drivers RNG King and OnlyFaanz submitted a report against Cali. The head of Interpol did not...

Drivers caught threating each other in 2TL

Drivers have been revealed after making serious threats against each other before the start of the season in the 2TL Racing League on Tuesday night. The police are involved in the case, and are investigating with all available personnel. Red...