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OnlyFaanz speaks out after several recent incidents with FakeKing

In recent months there have been several episodes between 2TL drivers OnlyFaanz and FakeKing. In this regard, the former has finally spoken out about the episodes that have shocked the whole world. This is a statement from OnlyFaanz, and does...

The downfall of Gowers

Through several years of professional, journalistic work, our editors have gone deeper into the decline of 2TL boss and Formula 1 driver Gowers. And takes an insight into what happened, and where things went wrong. Gowers was born on a...

Who is Drunk Bisping, really?

The news editors have for a long period of time delved deeper into the drivers in the 2TL Racing League, and are now coming up with revelations about who one of the leaders, Drunk Bisping, really is. Drunk Bisping has...