onsdag, august 10, 2022
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Latest news from the divisions in European Race Night

Scandalous performance by anonymous division 3-driver

The Nigelator, who wishes to remain anonymous, had a scandalous performance in the season opener in the Division 3 in European Race Night on Thursday night. The Ferrari driver, who is a teammate of the more famous Welsh Deviant, disappointed...

Newly hired admin in ERN speaks out for the first time

European Race Night recently hired a new admin in the league. In anticipation of important news, we have given ERN Pagoda the opportunity to speak about the future, and about himself, so readers, drivers and owners have the opportunity...

Driver getting sued before the season starts

ETE Arntz1, who drove last season in division 2 in European Race Night, is getting sued by world wide press after refusing to answer questions asked by the media. Journalists all over the world are in disbelief over how...

Division 2-champion Massey spoke out – I’m not happy

Massey, who won this year's season in the 2nd division, refused to answer our journalist's questions about the season during the two minutes given to answer questions, due to a tight schedule 1251 News Channel must follow. ETE Massey received...

BazTheNinja with a harsh message

Baz, who was in the fourth division of European Race Night in the season that just ended, has stated in an interview that he will win all the divisions in the league next season. Our journalist in 1251 News Channel...