tirsdag, oktober 4, 2022
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Dai is World Champion

Aston Martin driver Dai JCx was today crowned world champion in the 2TL Racing League after a superior season where the driver took the points he needed to win the championship. The FakeKING89, who drives for Red Bull on a...

Red Bull driver wanted for questioning

Red Bull driver OnlyFaanz is wanted by the police after he made comments against his internet provider in connection with Tuesday's race in 2TL. https://twitter.com/OnlyFaanz/status/1569788466069741569?s=20&t=6GDc7MSadUgGxViXiY1C1Q OnlyFaanz was close to a very important position in tonight's race, where he was five points...

Shocking development between two of the top teams

Titties Paradise and Spin To Win Racing are in talks regarding a transfer for Titty-driver LDOT. The driver has gone public and incited the owner of Titties Paradise, and risks a lawsuit against him. The team owners met after yesterday's...

Ferrari-driver involved in a lawsuit

The Ferrari driver Gowers reports on his Instagram account that he is experiencing massive harassment after yesterday's race in the Netherlands. Gowers stated early Wednesday morning that he does not know who is harassing him, only that he does...

Titty party in the 2TL Racing League

On Thursday evening, the stage was set for the season opener in the 2TL MPC, also called "The Porn League". The rivalry was great between two of the teams, Titties Paradise and Spin To Win Racing in the run-up...