The fourth season of the MPC in 2 The Limit Racing League starts today. And in that connection, our sports editors have gone through all the teams and all the drivers who will participate, and put the teams in order regarding which final position we think they will end up with.

1. Fake Taxi Racing

This is the biggest surprise, that Fake Taxi Racing is considered the favorite to win this year’s season within the constructors’ championship. They have several strong drivers on the team, and at the same time an extremely weak driver, who can drag the team into the mud.

  • Jesusss
    The team’s owner, and by far the best driver at Fake Taxi. He has previously won 100% Championship in 2TL, and is always a driver you can count on to fight at the very top. But is it enough to win the driver’s championship? And is that enough to lead the team to victory?
  • The CurryKing
    This driver is by far the team’s weakest link. He always thinks he’s going to win the drivers’ championship, but it always ends in heartbreak and a fourth-place finish. His excuse is always that he didn’t run all the races, but even if he runs every race, he’s not going to win. In three seasons he has two constructors’ championships and zero driver’s championships.
  • Blazesmith
    This is a talented driver, who time and time again shows that he has the speed. But can it hold up to a championship? He could quickly end up collecting the last points the team needs to win the constructors’ championship.
  • ERL_Scheggy
    He is currently in the 2nd division in 2TL, and his biggest dream is to drive for Titties Paradise. Now, unfortunately, he ended up becoming Fake Taxi Racing, but with a good team boss by his side, he has the potential to get some good positions.
  • PAULLFC2907
    This is a driver who started his career in the lower divisions, but who has taken big steps and now drives with the big guys in the 1st division on a daily basis. He has both the speed and the race craft to take a bite out of this year’s MPC season.
  • KZA420
    This driver is the unwritten leaf in the team. He has previously experienced being kicked out of the league, but has been allowed back in, and has really shown his best side. Has had some good races in Formula 2 early last season, and is a driver who can quickly get into the top ten in MPC.

2. Titties Paradise

This team is the most successful team in 2TL history. The team holds both the driver’s championship and the constructor’s championship in season 1 and season 3 respectively. Last season, the team was superior, and had almost secured the constructor’s championship three rounds before the end. Can they live up to the pressure of defending the title this year?

  • TTV/OnlyFaanz
    The team’s owner, who previously won the drivers’ championship in season 1, as well as coming third last season, has had a bad season and a half, but has started to return to the good form from the first season. He only drove two laps in Tuesday’s race, so he is rested for the start of the MPC season and is looking to get some good results this season.
  • NRC Solberg
    This driver is one of the favorites to win the driver’s championship this season. He won the most races last season, and ended up in 2nd place, when he was unlucky and was taken out in a couple of races, as well as not having the opportunity to compete in two other races. Big favorite to take the title this year.
  • Mjornyr
    Mjornyr has just returned to the league after not being able to drive for a while, so he has put in hard training to be able to show off, and help the team to be able to defend the title from last season. It will be exciting to follow this driver and how he does it.
  • Dylan14Racing
    He is a relatively new driver in the league, but he has shown in the last races last season that he drove, that he has good pace and has the ability to collect enough points when he starts to finish races. He also did not finish the race on Tuesday and is rested and ready to compete.
  • StoneCold SI
    One of the other drivers who have made the step into the league’s best team by far. This is a driver that we don’t always know where we have him, but he has shown good signs of improvement, and with more improvement, he can become an even more dangerous driver that you have to keep an eye on, as the points can quickly end up in his pocket.
  • Leon
    The German driver, who is always in a good mood, is ready to lighten the mood if things are not going well. With a little motivation, or threats, he can really bite the bullet and get the points that can put him past the fake curry king.

3: Suck Our Balls Racing

This team is owned by the best commentator of all time, Arsehole Warrior. The commentator didn’t really plan to have his own team this season, but he changed his mind and chose to continue. Can the team take the title? They are predicted for a third place, but with the reigning winner of the drivers’ championship in the team, they can quickly surprise.

  • BrianKimi
    Reigning champion last season when he drove for Titties Paradise. This is a driver that we can always count on to fight at the top if he keeps his cool. The biggest challenger to Solberg, and there is bound to be a great battle between the drivers.
  • Cam
    This is another driver who also drove for Titties Paradise last season. He did well, and scored more points than anyone expected. If it rains, this is probably one of the strongest on the grid. If Warrior threatens him a bit, he will score a lot of points this season.
  • Frostnip123
    Frostnip made the step up to the 1st division this season, and had a good debut run there last Tuesday. This is a driver who could quickly end up fighting at the top, but does he have the opportunity to take the final step?
  • LarsenTheDane
    The Danish driver has recently got hold of a new steering wheel, and has a new drive to make it the best possible. He probably won’t reach the top, but he could be a wildcard for a team that will be desperate to suck other people’s balls.
  • JIskills26
    Another driver who has good potential to do well. Like the Dane, he probably won’t reach the top, but this is a driver who is good at defending himself, and if he gets into a good position, he can defend himself to good points.
  • Sebbe
    There is little information regarding the Norwegian driver, so it is not easy to know how he will do in the coming season. The whole world is holding its breath, hoping that he can do exceptionally well.

4: Pist n Broke

This team has come back from the dead, much to the chagrin of Gowers, as the team has stolen Gowers’ team name from Season 1. Do they have a chance to do better than Gowers’ team did in their time? We are tipping the team for a bottom position, but we all know that our sports editors sucks ass regarding tipping.

  • Gamer
    This driver has just returned from serving a season-long ban, following his dramatic performance in several races last season. He won the opening race of the year in the 2nd division last Tuesday, but when he now goes up against the big boys, will he continue his good form? Or does it say stop in Eau Rouge?
  • Conquestor
    This is a driver that is in a similar position to Gamer, just without the season ban (weirdly enough). He is a quick driver, and can get good points if he keeps his head together, and don’t do stupid shit. He can make it to the top 10 if he really puts in some effort.
  • Artur
    This is probably the fastest driver on the team, and he will score a lot of points this season, if he avoids underfuelling his car. A top 3 driver in every race, and we will probably see a lot of him this season.
  • Ldot07
    This driver also has the potential to do well. He is one of the fastest in pure qualifying pace, but in races he lags a little behind. At his best he can challenge anyone, unfortunately he has a bit to go on when it comes to consistency, but if he manages to put together a few good runs, he can fight for the title all the way in.
  • BBE19
    The Latvian driver who always thinks he’s going to win, not unlike King in Fake Taxi. His best track is Monaco, which is not on this year’s calendar. However, he only survived 4 rounds on Tuesday, so he is also one of the drivers who is rested for the start of the season.
  • Cali 2TL
    This driver has returned from the dead, after taking a long break. In Tuesday’s comeback, he was involved in a serious accident that sent him to the hospital by helicopter, but the doctors have declared him healthy, so he will start with new energy, new motivation, and hopefully he will avoid the wall.