In recent months there have been several episodes between 2TL drivers OnlyFaanz and FakeKing. In this regard, the former has finally spoken out about the episodes that have shocked the whole world.

This is a statement from OnlyFaanz, and does not necessarily have to be the newspaper’s opinion. The media also do not have to double-check the facts, as this is the writer’s own experience of the situation.

There has been a lot of rumor spreading about the episodes between King and me in recent weeks. I am now thinking of clarifying some fact-based knowledge, to put myself in a better light.

For several years, King and I have been arch rivals, enemies if you can call it that. At the same time, we have shown each other respect. We have avoided crashing into each other, although we have come close on a couple of occasions in recent seasons. Therefore, it was with shock and disbelief that I experienced King deliberately taking me out in the most brutal way possible, twice in Monza last season.

Two damn times, and I hadn’t done anything to him. I myself have only been supportive of him, I have bragged about him and never said anything negative about him. That he tried to take my life, twice on the same day, I found that simply unacceptable.

I experienced massive support after the two episodes from all the other drivers, especially BBE19 who is from Latvia. As you know, Latvia is the new Russia. Anyway, I really appreciate all the support I’ve received afterwards.
However, King ended up with only a couple of penalty points in punishment. He escaped cheaply, when in reality he should have received at least 25 years in prison for attempted murder.

A few weeks later I was involved in a small episode in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, I was barely close to him. FakeKing filmed as if he was Neymar, to make it look really bad. I wasn’t even close to him. And what happens? Yes, I ended up with 8 penalty points and a qual ban.
This is as discriminatory as it gets.

In addition, at the same track two days later, King took and purposely just laid in front of me when I was going to qualify in the MPC race. I slammed into the wall, and King got away cheaply again.
With that, I now choose to sue King, I sue the Brazzer Boys, I sue Alfa Romeo, and I sue the stewards and all the drivers in 2TL.

Unacceptable behavior from the German. This is not over. This is never over.

OnlyFaanz. McLaren driver & Titties Paradise owner.