After yesterday’s crash, which sent OnlyFaanz to the hospital, the driver stated through the hospital’s lawyer that he wants to sue Jesus for attempted murder. Jesus, for his part, firmly believes that he is innocent.

OnlyFaanz was flown to the local hospital in Milan by private ambulance helicopter after the accident at Monza. In retrospect, the driver was in harness, and shouted at the helicopter pilots when he thought they should have crashed the helicopter into Jesus’ car. Jesus has pleaded his innocence, and put all the blame on OnlyFaanz after the clash. Video footage from the incident shows that OnlyFaanz did not give Jesus any space on the right side, which caused the accident. At the same time, the unfortunate driver believes that Jesus should have realized what was going to happen.

Jesus is all to blame, I looked in the side mirror and it looked like Jesus gave up in that fight, but suddenly Jesus was next to me again when I swerved into his racing line. Of course he has to take the blame, OnlyFaanz stated.

The driver also stated after the race that he saw Jesus, literally, after the crash was a fact. The doctors at the hospital believed that it was a miracle that the driver survived, while at the same time they do not want to carry out the treatment until they have received guarantees that OnlyFaanz, which does not have insurance, has the financial muscle to pay for the treatment.

I’m innocent, but OnlyFaanz deserved to face the wall, was Jesus’ brief comment.

Jesus has been told by his lawyers not to comment on the episode, until it has been fully investigated by the local police, for fear that comments Jesus makes could lead to a conviction and that he loses the lawsuit.