The German driver, Leon, who daily drives for Funt Claps Racing, has been missing without a trace for several days. The team leader, RNG Warrior stated on Saturday morning at the latest that he is pissed at Leon who just disappeared.

Last picture taken of Warrior feeding Leon.

Leon was last seen leaving the headquarters of Funt Claps Racing, after a heated dispute with the team’s owner. Witnesses have stated on social media that they overheard Warrior make serious threats against Leon. Warrior himself has denied all accusations, and believes that Leon is just a drama queen who wants to get in the media, and that the disappearance is just an attempt to play hide and seek.

I swear Leon should not come back to the team, because I’m going to give him a good old fashioned beating if I see him again, stated RNG Warrior to the media.

As a result of Warrior’s comment, the police have launched an investigation into Leon for faking his disappearance, just to create drama. The police themselves have been very tight-lipped about the investigation as they are in the early stages and have been spotted at the local cafe with their cup of coffee.

Of course we all hope Leon will come back again, The FakeKing stated on Instagram.

Warrior, for his part, has also made serious threats against anyone who wants to find Leon, and believes that the only reason why FakeKing gives his support to Leon is because both are German. Germans are known to be a proud people, who always stand together, no matter how stupid they are.

There is no indication that anything criminal has taken place.