The Formula 1 team Titties Paradise was put up for sale in the early hours of Friday on websites such as Ebay, Amazon Prime and Netflix streaming services.

The team has struggled financially for a long time. After the team won the constructors’ championship in 2022, as well as the drivers’ championship with OnlyFaanz at the helm in the same season, the team’s owner went to purchase several private planes. Last season was a complete disaster, and the team was unable to collect the money they had budgeted for in connection with the purchase of the planes.

The team also experienced massive sabotage of their planes while on the ground in Singapore, and CCTV footage circulating on social media shows 2TL owner Gowers personally sabotaging the planes. One of the planes went down as a result of the sabotage action, as well as several pilots resigning when they criticized Titties Paradise for not complying with the salary negotiations.

-I have chosen to put the team up for sale, after yesterday’s terrible experience in Jeddah. Our reserve driver, BBE19, crashed already in qualifying and started second at the back of the field, and from there it was pretty much downhill, OnlyFaanz said on Friday morning.

Two of the drivers crashed out during the race yesterday, and the team wrote in a Twitter statement that all drivers are okay, but they are criticizing drivers like The FakeKing and BBE19 for unsportsmanlike conduct. The team also wrote in a statement that there is no point in suing them for statements the team had to make, as there is nothing of value to be gained.

So far, no official bids have been received. But anonymous sources can report that there are several high-ranking people who want to make a bid for the team.

According to what we have understood, both Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Kim-Jong Un and the French President want to submit bids for the team, but so far nothing has come in yet, the anonymous source, Drunk Bisping, told the media when we made contact.