Our journalists have been working diligently over the past few weeks to uncover potential corruption in 2 The Limit Racing League. After several anonymous tips from drivers such as StoneCold, Conquestor, Gamer, Frostnip and Matray, the focus was placed on RNG Warrior, and his victories in F2, which by all accounts have come as a result of major corruption.

Warriors tweet before yesterdays race.

As a result of Warrior writing that tweet, the stats we’ve received from Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, can show that the driver gained millions of viewers on Twitch to follow his path to a potential win or two. The driver, for his part, denies all guilt, and denies that he has sent money to 2TL, but as you know, if you are guilty, you of course deny it, so that alone can indicate that he has something to hide. People who have something to hide do not need to go out and deny that they have something to hide.

Warrior also posted a cryptic tweet in the late-night hours, which has now been deleted, in which he indirectly admitted his victories have come as a result of foul play. According to anonymous sources, it was Twitter itself that deleted the tweet as Elon Musk does not want Twitter to be used to admit guilt for anything.

I’m innocent, I haven’t paid anyone, if anyone is guilty, it’s everyone else who couldn’t afford to pay to win anything, poor people, replied Warrior in a text message to 1251 News Channel made contact.

Warrior is observed daily while playing Football Manager 23, and as you know in Football Manager, you can spend unlimited money to buy the best players, which Warrior has apparently also done in F2 to be able to win the races. As a result of the revelations, several high-ranking politicians such as Kim Jong-Un and Vladimir Putin have called for the Football Manager series to be banned worldwide.

The driver was revealed after yesterday’s two races, when he finished decisively last in the sprint race in addition to a 5 second time penalty, to win the main race shortly afterwards. How is it possible? A guy best known for commentating is now suddenly at the top of Formula 2.

Just before the races started yesterday, the betting companies also experienced that large amounts were bet on victory for Warrior. This led to the betting company Unibet choosing to stop betting on the races, as it was a clear sign, and yet another proof, that the race had been decided in advance. That the winner was going to be the RNG Warrior.

Doesn’t the media have anything better to do on this Saturday morning than hunt me down? Yeah fine, maybe I paid to win, but is it suddenly illegal to to do that too now? Warrior stated.

The police have also opened an investigation, and a police hunt for Gowers and Bisping, who sit in the leadership of 2TL, has been set in motion. Neither Gowers nor Bisping could be reached for comment.