In the morning hours on Tuesday, the message came that Hungary has declared war on Germany, as a result of hate comments between the Hungarian driver, Matray, and the German drivers Bisping and King. King and Matray are teammates in Alpine in 2TL on a daily basis.

After the dramatic news broke, Angela Merkel, who by the way has no important role in German politics anymore, stated that this is just an attempt by Hungary to get the Germans in 2TL to withdraw, as Matray is a much better driver than both Bisping and King combined. King has reacted with shock and disbelief after Merkel’s statements, and Bisping has chosen to go out on social media to distance himself from Germany, and revealed that he is now Swedish. According to Wikipedia, being Swedish is no better.

I think it is time to expel King from Germany, if it can keep the peace, Merkel told the media.

Matray, who drives side by side with King, believes that King should be banned from all Formula 1 Esport for life, as that is what Hungary wants to achieve by going to war against Germany. In Germany, opinions are divided about both German drivers, but polls show that Bisping is seen as Germany’s Lionel Messi. This means that even though Bisping represents Germany, the Germans are not happy with him as he lives in Sweden. Sweden, as usual, does not want to be drawn into the conflict.

We have nothing to do with either Germany or Hungary, but if we have to choose, we support Hungary, stated a spokesman for the Swedish government.

The Norwegian driver, OnlyFaanz, does not hide who he supports in the ongoing conflict, and compares the situation to when he himself was a team mate with King, and how terrible it was.

I understand Hungary very well and I support Matray in trying to get The FakeCurryKing and the drunk German Bisping banned for life, OnlyFaanz stated.

In other news, a pink elephant was spotted earlier this week. Animal welfare organizations believe that it is King who has dipped the elephant in pink paint.