Dai, who drives for Aston Martin on a day-to-day basis and leads both the drivers’ and constructors’ championships in 2TL, has disappeared after being spotted outside McLaren’s headquarters.

Prior to the disappearance, the driver was observed in a heated discussion with McLaren driver M45ter Revan. According to an Aston Martin spokesperson, Dai was at McLaren in an attempt to restore friendship between the drivers. In social media, there have been several claims from McLaren fans, where Dai is accused of having thrown stones at the windows of McLaren, while from the opposite side, there are gross accusations in the direction of M45ster Revan and McLaren, where both the driver and the team are accused of driving war rhetoric against rival drivers.

Dai came in to us yes, but I told him to leave the building so he left the building, M45ter Revan stated to the media who had attended.

However, witnesses we have been in contact with have stated that Dai never left the building again. At the same time, several people were observed wearing hooded sweatshirts and face masks, who entered the building, and minutes later came out again with several black garbage bags. The men then got into a black BMW and drove off.

The police have stated that as long as no one reports Dai as missing, the police will not lift a finger to solve the case. The police have received massive criticism for not bothering to do their job.

Why should we be looking for Dai when no one has reported him missing? Is it our job to report people missing? If nothing else, he has sought out the situation himself by visiting McLaren’s headquarters, and therefore has only himself to thank, as we all know how McLaren is doing, with its mafia business, said a spokesman for the local police.