The news editors have for a long period of time delved deeper into the drivers in the 2TL Racing League, and are now coming up with revelations about who one of the leaders, Drunk Bisping, really is.

Selfie of Drunk Bisping

Drunk Bisping has for a number of years thought he was Zlatan Ibrahimovic, as he lives in Sweden. He is originally from Germany, but anonymous rumors suggest that he was embarrassed to be from the same country as The FakeKing, and thus moved to Sweden. During his short time in Sweden, he discovered that he regretted choosing Sweden as his country of residence, as there are 195 countries to choose from.

The Swedish-German makes a living driving Formula 1 Esport. However, even if he thinks he is Germany’s best driver, he spins more than Mazepin himself. Other drivers in the 2TL Racing League call Drunk Bisping «The Drunken Spinner» behind Bisping’s back. No one dares to say that to him face to face, therefore we have chosen to anonymize the sources we have used, named Gowers, Jesus and not least Matray.

The driver became a household name internationally when he was arrested, fined and sentenced to forced labor after turning up drunk to practice at Imola before Tuesday’s race. The driver himself denied that he was under the influence of alcohol, and thought it was sabotage by the other drivers. The race famously ended with a bunch of spins, so the commentator thought he was dealing with Mazepin. Or Gowers.

Drunk Bisping tries to get the car into gear

The Aston Martin driver is also known to bully others for their driving skills, while taking selfies in front of his own car after crashing. 1251 News Channel unfortunately does not have permission to show those photos, for fear of a lawsuit from Bisping. Bisping is also in the middle of a lawsuit from the porn industry, after the porn industry is unhappy that The Brazzer Boys, who are owned by Bisping, are not winning any championships.

1251 News Channel will follow the trial closely.

Drunk Bisping did not want to comment ahead of this publication, and believes that the media takes things out of context. At the same time, Gowers, as one of our anonymous sources, can show that the revelations are rooted in reality.