Through several years of professional, journalistic work, our editors have gone deeper into the decline of 2TL boss and Formula 1 driver Gowers. And takes an insight into what happened, and where things went wrong.

Gowers to the left.

Gowers was born on a day between 1945 and 2009, our reporter has not been able to find the exact date of birth as Gowers has been reticent to produce the birth certificate. We have received several tips that Gowers does not want to show his birth certificate as he is not actually British. Sources believe he originally comes from Azerbaijan or thereabouts. Gowers became world famous when he stated before season 1 of 2TL that he was going to win the division, but the harsh reality proved not to agree with that claim.

First victory in Formula 1

Our sports journalist has been unable to uncover whether Gowers has ever won a Formula 1 race. There are many indications that he has barely managed to get into the top 5. The driver, who is a well-known face to the outside world, has for several years stated how good he is, but has continued to provide evidence for his own claims.

The decline began early

On Tuesday 18 October 2022, the decline was a fact for Gowers, when he was internationally wanted through all the major police agencies, after he sent in several bomb threats to rival Formula 1 teams. The shock was great when the news broke that it was Gowers who was behind the bomb threats, as the driver was known to be restrained. But as history shows, it is often those who seem the nicest who are the meanest. Gowers is a prime example of exactly that.

Neighbors told the media after the news broke that they never imagined Gowers would do something like that. With the exception of one man, who thought it was undoubtedly something Gowers could come up with. However, the reason for Gowers’ decline started long before the bomb threats, when the driver was a familiar face standing the wrong way after spinning out in the races he was driving.

He has also been banned from Twitter, as Twitter’s guidelines state that it is not allowed to admit that you have committed serious offenses against rival teams on their platform. However, Twitter has received a lot of criticism after the ban, as the police investigation was based on live Twitter updates from Gowers. Twitter is now accused of helping Gowers avoid punishment.

Gowers was last seen when he stole a boat in Madeira, after shouting insults at Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister, as well as saying that he will sail over to South America, as several countries there do not have an extradition agreement with the UK. Time will tell if he made it all the way to South America, but rumors say that he has disappeared at sea and will never be found again.