Aston Martin driver Sultan made his 2TL Racing League debut on Sunday night, winning the race ahead of Drunk Bisping in superior fashion. The driver led the race practically from start to finish.

After a troubled qualification, where Sultan was only able to set a simple time that put him in the 6th starting slot, the driver worked his way up the field and after a couple of laps he was already in the lead. Sultan, for his part, believes that the qualification was manipulated by Drunk Bisping, so that the driver would not have the opportunity to take pole.

I stand by what I said that the qualification was manipulated by the drunk Swede from Germany. But at the end of the day, I won the race because I’m the best, and Bisping couldn’t match my superiority, Sultan told the media after the race.

Drunk Bisping was very down after the race, and refused to answer simple questions from the media. Sources we have been in contact with believe that the questions were too advanced for Bisping, and that this was the reason why he did not want to give a concrete answer. As a result of not bothering to answer questions, the Mercedes driver Bisping is being harassed in the worst way by the world’s media.

I refuse to congratulate Sultan on his victory yesterday. I REFUSE. Covfefe, Bisping wrote on Twitter early Monday morning.

Sultan himself has come out strongly on Snapchat and said he is in shock and disbelief after Bisping’s behaviour.

I am in shock and disbelief, was Sultan’s comment.

Anonymous sources report that it is normal for drivers to congratulate each other after a victory in the 2TL Racing League. At the same time, this behavior is not unknown from Bisping. Drunk Bisping is known to lash out at anyone who wins a race, only because he himself is never close to winning.

If Bisping chooses to apologize to me for his dramatic behavior, then I will consider whether to forgive him, but to be completely honest, I think that boat has sailed a long time ago, Sultan told 1251 News Channel.

The German is not likely to win any «fair play» award as a result of his behavior after the race.