The Pist n’ Broke boss has officially been wanted by the police after a bomb threat against Fake Taxi Racing early Tuesday morning in connection with the hostage situation at Fake Taxi Racing. At the time of writing, the police have refused to enter the headquarters of Fake Taxi Racing, pending the arrest of Gowers, as the police believe Gowers can help de-escalate the situation with the rivals.

While the situation at Fake Taxi Racing is unclear, Gowers, who runs Pist n’ Broke on a day-to-day basis, saw his means to send in several anonymous bomb threats to his rivals. Skillful investigative work soon revealed that it was Gowers who sent in the threats. The board of Pist n’ Broke has subsequently sent out a press release in which they distance themselves from the manager’s behaviour, and have announced a vacancy as a new manager following repeated disciplinary situations involving Gowers.

I am innocent until proven guilty, no one can prove that I sent any threats to Fake Taxi Racing, but I want to inform you that I left a bomb in the team’s ventilation system, Gowers wrote on Twitter.

The police have sent out an international wanted list through Interpol, while the FBI has put Gowers on the Top 10 Wanted List as a result of the situation. Neither the FBI, CIA, local police nor Interpol have wanted to comment on the search warrant, and refer to Matray, who is one of the star drivers in Pist n’ Broke.

Why am I not surprised that Gowers is willing to throw away his entire amazing career, over a minor disagreement with Fake Taxi Racing? Gowers told me before he disappeared that the reason is that Jesus stole a chocolate bar from Gowers, so I can understand him going to that step, but come on, he should have done it in a smarter way, Matray told the media .

Matray does not want to say how he himself had sent in a bomb threat without being detected, as the driver is currently working on a threat letter against The Brazzer Boys. As a result of the current situation, security at The Brazzer Boys has increased, and camera surveillance has been installed in all rooms, including the toilets.

Anonymous sources can also report that Gowers was last seen when he boarded a scheduled flight belonging to the low-cost airline Ryanair, bound for Madeira.