In the early hours of Tuesday, the police were called to the headquarters of Fake Taxi Racing after reports of a hostage situation. The situation is very unclear, said one of the actors in LAPD Swat after hearing about the situation unfolding live.

The situation arose as a result of comments one of the drivers, Scheggman, made to his team colleague Liaracing late on Monday evening. It was reported that Liaracing contacted the team manager, Jesus, and generally snitched on Scheggman. The team manager therefore called both drivers in for a meeting on Tuesday, when the situation escalated and the police had to be called.

All I said was that I wanted to race for Titties Paradise, I said that in all credibility to Liaracing, then he runs straight to Jesus right away, Scheggman said over the phone to the media present and hostage negotiator.

According to what 1251 News Channel’s reporter has understood, it is Jesus himself who has taken these two drivers hostage, after he got tired of the quarrel between them. Several bomb threats have also been reported in the direction of the team, from a currently unknown perpetrator.

These damn Norwegians, Norway is known for being neutral in any conflict, but these two guys are arguing like crazy. How about learning a bit of history, and do like most Norwegians, and rather be conflict-shy, Jesus screamed out of the window.

As a result of the comments from Jesus, the situation has escalated even more, as we can learn that it is Sweden and Switzerland that always remain neutral. Liaracing has expressed on Twitter that he is furious at having been called «Swedish» by Jesus. The police have so far chosen not to enter the headquarters of the Formula 1 team, waiting for the situation to resolve itself. At the same time, many supporters of these three drivers have turned up, which has created an amped-up atmosphere outside the building.

Did Jesus just call us «Swedes»? I will so bomb him to pieces for that comment, Scheggman sent in an SMS to CNN.

At 10 o’clock local time (11 Norwegian time), it does not look as if there is any imminent solution to the situation, and the police want tips from the public on what needs to be done to calm the situation down. Tips can only be sent by post.

Update: We have learned that it is Pist n’ Broke team manager Gowers who is behind the bomb threat against the team. We are following the situation closely.