The FakeKing89 has been officially disqualified from the 2TL Racing League following several reports of conflict within the 1st division, and Alpine, which the driver currently drives for. Or drove for.

As a result of the disqualification, King has been stripped of all the points he has picked up this season. According to anonymous unconfirmed sources, there were not that many points at issue. The driver himself denies any involvement in the aforementioned conflict, and believes that this was instigated by his rivals, to prevent him from ever winning any championship. Aston Martin driver Dai, on the other hand, was seen cheering at the teams headquarters.

This is incredibly good news. Not that he is a serious competitor, but it is nice to get rid of the German, said Dai in a press release on Sunday morning.

The league management have stated that this has been unavoidable after King decided to make an official complaint about the points he had received after Tuesday’s race at Imola. Drunk Bisping has previously shown his disgust at King’s behavior and believes this is a step in the right direction to make the 2TL Racing League «great again». Around the world, in the early hours of Sunday, people gathered in large crowds, both in London, Oslo, New York, Berlin, Strasbourg and Manila, to show their disgust with The FakeKing89 and his performance in the league.

Make 2TL great again, yelled the demonstrators.

The powerful leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un, has also taken to Twitter to show his support for King, and believes that King is experiencing the same witch hunt as the head of state himself. At the same time, Jong-Un has presented documentation that he invented Formula 1, and is the most winning Formula 1 driver ever.