Red Bull driver OnlyFaanz is wanted by the police after he made comments against his internet provider in connection with Tuesday’s race in 2TL.

OnlyFaanz was close to a very important position in tonight’s race, where he was five points behind the leader before the race, with only two rounds to go. After a good start, Telia turned off the Red Bull driver’s internet, which led to the driver having to cancel tonight’s race, and at the same time is out of the fight for the title.

Everyone knows that it was Dai and Jesus who split an anonymous sum, which they then transferred to Telia so that Telia would turn off my internet. I expect a full investigation into this sick, hideous corruption that is being committed on a daily basis openly, OnlyFaanz stated to the media.

There is no evidence to support the claims OnlyFaanz makes, but according to the driver himself, no evidence is needed, as his words should be enough for both Dai and Jesus to be disqualified from the league.

I have chosen to report OnlyFaanz to the police for these outrageous comments, at the same time I also choose to report Dai and Jesus for not responding, stated league owner Gowers on Tuesday evening.

The police posted a message on Grindr that they have opened an investigation against OnlyFaanz, and want to talk, although OnlyFaanz denies that he is available to talk to the police.