Titties Paradise and Spin To Win Racing are in talks regarding a transfer for Titty-driver LDOT. The driver has gone public and incited the owner of Titties Paradise, and risks a lawsuit against him.

Spin To Win Racing

The team owners met after yesterday’s race for talks, where the owner of Titties Paradise, OnlyFaanz suggested sending LDOT over to Spin To Win Racing, which is owned by TheFakeKing.
The driver is in shock, and thinks this is the worst thing that has ever happened.

I woke up this morning and the first thing I see is that I’m only one signature away from going to a pink team. It’s never something I could have ever dreamed of, and I think this is going to be an aftermath of dimensions in Interpol’s district court, Ldot told the media.

Titties Paradise has chosen not to comment on developments in the matter, but anonymous sources have stated that the Paradise team wants to free up space to bring the bearded Norwegian, Scheggman to the team to replace Ldot. Sources can also indicate that another driver in Titties Paradise was leaving, but that the team’s best driver, Ldot is most likely the driver who is going to leave the team. The case has created a shocking atmosphere in 2TL, where the teams are fighting a bitter battle to win the constructors’ championship. Titties Paradise leads, with Spin To Win Racing in provisional 2nd place.

-My dream has always been to drive for a team that leads the table, meaning a winning team, and I will be honored if I get the opportunity to sign for Titties Paradise, said Scheggman in a press conference.

No decision has been made yet, and there are many indications that the case will end up in court before a decision is made regarding the transfer. We are following the case closely.