Aston Martin driver Dai JCx was today crowned world champion in the 2TL Racing League after a superior season where the driver took the points he needed to win the championship.

The FakeKING89, who drives for Red Bull on a daily basis, and barely helped Red Bull win the Constructors’ Championship, had a slim hope of stealing the win ahead of Dai. That hope faded quickly when Dai proved to an entire continent that he is the fastest driver this season. King has stated after the race that he is pissed off at Dai, and thinks the driver has no business in a Formula 1 car. As a result of the comments made by the Red Bull driver, who does not represent Red Bull at all, Dai has chosen to take legal action against King, seeking compensation that could help Aston Martin improve its stable ahead of next season.

Dai has nothing to do on the track. He drives so slowly, I’d think he was my grandmother on a Sunday drive, was King’s hopeless comment after the race.

To emphasize, the race was run on Tuesday and not Sunday.

OnlyFaanz, who has been by far the best in Red Bull all season, has chosen to publicly support Dai against his teammate, and has sent Dai a letter in the post, citing that Dai can use the letter to threaten Red Bull with (see picture).

Dai, for his part, has chosen to refrain from commenting on the case, as the driver wishes to remain anonymous.