The Nigelator, who wishes to remain anonymous, had a scandalous performance in the season opener in the Division 3 in European Race Night on Thursday night.

The Ferrari driver, who is a teammate of the more famous Welsh Deviant, disappointed several million supporters when he tried to start his car during Thursday’s race. Witnesses have stated to the media in North Korea that they are going to burn down Ferrari’s headquarters in Italy as a result of the driving of The Nigelator. Mattia Binotto, the powerful head of Ferrari, commented on Twitter during the race, that signing The Nigelator is the dumbest thing Ferrari has ever done. However, he intentionally left out that Ferrari is still struggling with its engine problems, which it doesn’t look like the car company is going to get fixed anytime soon.

Why are you just going after me? How about going after Welsh Deviant? He also drove hopelessly tonight, the anonymous Ferrari driver told the 1251 News Channel.

Welsh Deviant, on the other hand, who is rumored to be by far the leading driver in Ferrari this season, has chosen to come up with descriptions of The Nigelator that are not suitable for the media. The driver has also chosen to announce a lawsuit against Nigelator, as he wants compensation for lost marketing after the supporters of Ferrari have started cheering for Alpha Tauri instead.

What are we going to do with supporters, really? It’s not like they pay our wages either, continued The Nigelator.

CNN published on SnapChat earlier Thursday evening, supporters demonstrating in the streets, where they make strong characteristics against both Ferrari drivers. Ferrari announced a counter-lawsuit against the supporters who have chosen to cheer for other teams after Thursday’s race, as the team believes that supporters who cheer for a team should cheer for that team regardless of how poorly the team is doing.

Pictures that we have obtained show The Nigelator on a motorcycle heading away from the track in Bahrain after Thursday’s race, where he narrowly escaped with his life.

The Nigelator tries to escape angry supporters.