The Ferrari driver Gowers reports on his Instagram account that he is experiencing massive harassment after yesterday’s race in the Netherlands. Gowers stated early Wednesday morning that he does not know who is harassing him, only that he does not want to be harassed.

OnlyFaanz, who drives for Red Bull on a daily basis, wrote on Twitter late on Tuesday evening that he has chosen to sue Gowers after the Ferrari driver drove straight into OnlyFaanz. Anonymous sources have confirmed that OnlyFaanz has a large following of die-hard supporters, who have chosen to send threats against Gowers after the clash.

It is only fitting that I sue Gowers. I can’t afford to change wings every race so I drive very calmly and carefully, but the expense I got yesterday after Gowers sent me into the wall ruined me. I have to live on the streets as a result of not being able to afford food and rent after spending all the money on a new wing. I believe that Gowers should pay me for all the expenses, for both wings, food and psychological help, OnlyFaanz stated in a press release.

An anonymous spokesman for Gowers has announced public support for OnlyFaanz, and believes that Gowers should pay for any damage he has caused.

Of course Gowers will pay, I’m not his anonymous spokesman if I can’t tell the truth anonymously, Cali 2TL stated to the media.

The news channel has not succeeded in finding out where Gowers has been hiding, but there are many indications that he has gone into hiding to escape the supporters of OnlyFaanz. Throughout Wednesday, social media has been flooded with hateful messages, threats and worse, with good reason directed at the Ferrari driver.