OnlyFaanz, who daily race in division 4 in ERN, was today appointed as the newest member of ERNs administrator team. The driver is known to be shy, and usually never speaks in public to the news medias, or on Twitter.

OnlyFaanz announced in a tweet late Wednesday night that he was the new boss of European Race Night. Twitter chose minutes later to go out and threaten to ban OnlyFaanz from twitter as the platform accuses the driver of spreading falsehoods. OnlyFaanz strongly denies the allegations from Twitter, and believes that this is an attempt by the platform to prevent freedom of expression.

What is Twitter? Never heard of Twitter before in my entire life, now they come and think I’m lying, I’m going to sue them for violating my right to tweet, OnlyFaanz stated to the media.

The driver, who will drive in Ferrari next season in ERN, has sent a written statement to 1251 News Channel which he has ordered us to publish in full.

I have, after repeated tweets with hate messages directed at Headhunter, finally been taken into the heat by ETE Storm, and am now the new boss of European Race Night. It just proves that rude hate tweets helps.

This is of course an important lesson for all young people who want to establish themselves as a racer and an important person, that in order to succeed, you have to spread lots of hateful messages against so-called important people on Twitter.

So, I don’t want to say that Headhunter has deserved…or well, I want to say that Headhunter has deserved all the messages I’ve sent him. I’ve also considered tweeting things about Storm, but to be honest, I’m scared of the Swede. Not because he is Swedish, everyone knows that Norway has Haaland, and beats Sweden 10 out of 100 times in football. But I’m afraid of him because he can choose to deprive me of the right to be an admin. Even though I’m now his boss, he can still deny me being an admin, so I choose to only tweet about him in secret.

And I won’t even mention Arntz. That Norwegian do not deserve to be mentioned. Will never mention Artnz ever, except when I tweet about Arntz, then I will mention him of course. Apart from that, I would like to thank everyone who has faith in me, and who voted for me to become sole ruler of ERN in a democratic election.

Democracy rules.