One of the bosses in the 2TL Racing League, which goes by the nickname 2TL Cali, is wanted by the police after Red Bull drivers RNG King and OnlyFaanz submitted a report against Cali.

Cali’s new home.

The head of Interpol did not want to comment on the report, but can confirm on a general basis that Cali, which can be confused with the more famous Cali cartel in Colombia, is wanted internationally after the driver has publicly made several remarks in the direction of Red Bull and their drivers. .

I can not go into the matter further due to privacy, but I can confirm that Cali risks 3 to 5874 years in prison when he is arrested. Due to lack of resources, no trial will be held, said a spokesman for Interpol.

The driver was last seen boarding a private plane bound for Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. What he is going to do on the Saudi coast is uncertain. However, reliable sources have stated that Cali is unwanted in Saudi Arabia as well, as the Saudi authorities crack down hard on crime, with whipping and / or sentenced to death. If it is true that the driver has traveled to Saudi Arabia, it indicates a poorly thought-out chess move.

I’m not in Saudi Arabia, I have never been, I’m in North Korea, was the cryptic message on the Russian website VK, which is signed Cali.

Russian police have chosen not to comment on the rumors that Cali uses VK, and have chosen to incite the media in Russian, something no media understands anything about.