The owner of the 2TL Racing League is in trouble after he believed that the media around the world are inciting him in the worst way. The media houses deny any claims made by Gowers.

Gowers on horseback

Gowers chose to make the allegations directed at the media, after earlier on Friday morning he chose to go into hiding to avoid a potential media storm that is inevitable after he has threatened the media. 1251 News Channel, in cooperation with North Korean media, distances itself from Gowers and his use of language.

Down with the media, down with the media, Gowers yelled at the media who had turned up outside his hideout.

Local police have also opened an investigation against Gowers after a journalist apparently, through unconfirmed rumours, received threats signed by Gowers. Although it cannot be confirmed, there are many indications that Gowers is behind the anonymous threat message. An anonymous threat expert believes that the threat is in line with how Gowers has behaved in previous contexts.

These threats come from Gowers, yes, without a doubt, an anonymous league spokesman, Elliott, told the 1251 News Channel.

Gowers has not wanted to comment further on the allegations regarding the threats he has made against the media. At the same time, it was reported from the top that Gowers is against freedom of expression, and wants to restrict the media’s right to express themselves.