European Race Night recently hired a new admin in the league. In anticipation of important news, we have given ERN Pagoda the opportunity to speak about the future, and about himself, so readers, drivers and owners have the opportunity to learn a little more about the new hire.


My name is Pagoda. Yes, that’s my real name. First of all, I want to thank the management of European Race Night for giving me this opportunity to shine in the light of the league.

I drive in the 4th division in the league, because I am the best driver ever. I’m also the best admin in the league, and within three weeks I’ll be the new owner of the league. I will then be the best owner evah, and mr. Storm can go on to be a simple admin, who is lowest on the ladder in the league.

Admins are so far down, that becoming an owner will be my main focus going forward. I promise you all that we will hold a democratic election to ensure that I become the new owner of the league. I know I have the people’s vote, and everyone who votes for me will be crowned champion in their respective divisions.

So I want to wish everyone a really bad season, especially if you don’t let me win this year. I am admin, and future owner, and therefore demand to win all divisions.

ERN Pagoda