The Red Bull-driver, who almost died in a brutal crash yesterday, is suing the commentators of RNG Warrior and ImAliGlen in 2TL Racing League.

The last picture taken from OnlyFaanz’ car yesterday before the impact.

OnlyFaanz, who drives for Red Bull in 2TL Racing League is currently on his new private plane on his way to Miami, when he called the media all over the world to announce his lawsuit against the two commentators. The reason for the lawsuit is unclear at the moment, and shock waves are going through an entire American east coast.

I do not have to give reasons why I want to sue the commentators. They just are …. it’s so easy to sue them for fun, so that’s what I have now chosen to do, said OnlyFaanz to a united press corps on board the private plane.

Anonymous sources we have been in contact with, 2TL Cali, believe that the lawsuit is as a result of him wanting to put pressure on the commentators to mention him in positive terms during tonight’s race in Miami. The league fears that this may give an indication that more drivers will sue each other, and especially the commentators, for a positive review.

Cali is a jerk, OnlyFaanz shouted out of the plane window.

1251 News Channel has tried to get in touch with the spokesman for AliGlen, who will apparently comment on tonight’s race in Miami, without much success. RNG Warrior has chosen not to comment on the lawsuit, and believes that this is a case that the court must reject.

Lawsuits? Lawsuit he says? That’s the worst I’ve heard. Here a driver tries to gag the commentators. This can not be approved by the league, that they have drivers who refuse us to express ourselves as we want, said AliGlen.

There are many indications that all parties must appear in court during 2027.

OnlyFaanz’ private plane.