Drivers have been revealed after making serious threats against each other before the start of the season in the 2TL Racing League on Tuesday night. The police are involved in the case, and are investigating with all available personnel.

Red Bull driver RNG King and another driver driving for an insignificant team, 2TL Cali have made serious threats against each other, where Cali in particular has written that King, who is not a real king, will crash into the wall in season opening tomorrow. As a result of the comments, Cali has been charged and wanted by Interpol for threats. The driver himself has chosen not to appear before the local police, and believes the case has been taken out of context.

-I’m innocent, and I’ve always been innocent, but I promise I’ll push King into the wall, Cali told the 1251 News Channel.

The Red Bull driver, for his part, is in shock and disbelief over the comments from one of his biggest rivals, and believes Cali only says what he says because he fears Red Bull this year’s season.

-Who is Cali, was the comment from RNG King, which has created shock in an entire Formula 1 world.

The police have chosen not to comment specifically on this case, but say on a general basis that threats are only okay as long as they are directed at Cali.