ETE Arntz1, who drove last season in division 2 in European Race Night, is getting sued by world wide press after refusing to answer questions asked by the media. Journalists all over the world are in disbelief over how Arntz1 acts towards the press.

Arntz1 couldn’t afford this plane.

The driver, who the management of ERN has declared unwanted, is being sued for millions after he refused to give an honest answer to questions that the media does not want to go into further. The journalist in 1251 News Channel believes that the question was within, and can not be categorized as a provocative question.

I get a question, I refuse to answer, and now I’m being sued? What happened to freedom of speech? That is, the freedom to refrain from speaking out? said Arntz1 to the media early Monday morning.

Major, worldwide media such as North Korea News, Saudi News, Phillipines Forevah and especially Russian media want to lock Arntz1 up after the driver, as said, refuses to answer critical questions regarding the upcoming season. Protests in North Korea’s capital, shows media with banners showing «lock him up, lock him up, lock him up».

-No comment, Arntz1 told the media when we contacted to hear if the driver had a comment. As a result of the driver not having a comment, 1251 News Channel has also chosen to take part in the class action lawsuit against the Norwegian.

The management of ERN has also chosen not to comment on the lawsuit, and has now been included in the lawsuit as well.