A private message that the owner of European Race Night was to send to the administrators of the league, has by mistake been sent by SMS to 1251 News Channel. The content has an interest in being shared, and thus we choose to share the content in its entirety.

We point out that these are Storm’s own opinions, not the journalist’s opinion.

Yo peepz. I just want to remind you that my name is ETE Storm, and I am Swedish. Remember that, in Sweden we have Ikea, Volvo and now also ERN. I’m contacting you privately, because I think it’s important to tell you why ERN is the best league ever.

It’s because of me. Your boss. The owner of the league. You do nothing, while I do everything. That’s why we…. I’m sorry, I’ve succeeded in making the league the biggest and best league of all time.

I work day and night to be respected. And I have finally succeeded, as I believe it is important that everyone in our league also believes that I am the best boss. Without me, Harrison would not have won the 1st division. I made sure he won, as I am the boss and can decide which place the drivers will take. And how many points they get.

This I write to you now must not be shared, as you have signed a declaration of confidentiality, before you became admins. It is incredibly important that the media does not get hold of this, as it can be very harmful for me, as a boss.

I also choose to disqualify Arntz1 from the 2nd division, as I think he has broken the confidentiality agreement. I have many stories about the Norwegian. Stories that I like to share.

So this is a very important opinion, and the best opinion you have ever heard. Without me, you would not be where you are now. So I’m the best.

ETE Storm – Owner of European Race Night