Massey, who won this year’s season in the 2nd division, refused to answer our journalist’s questions about the season during the two minutes given to answer questions, due to a tight schedule 1251 News Channel must follow.

ETE Massey received repeated requests to answer questions regarding the season that has just ended, without wanting to brag about his own skills. He chose instead to bring down other drivers in the league, and thought that he was not happy with only winning the 2nd division.

I’m not happy, winning the second division is like a nightmare, when I know I’m much better than just the 2nd division. I am much better than all the other drivers in the league, and I should strictly be the new owner, as I am also much better than ETE Storm, said Massey.

Storm, who has stated that he is the rightful owner of European Race Night, has chosen to sue Massey for defamation after comments Massey made when the championship was a fact. Massey rejects all attempts to sue, and believes that suing Massey is a waste of time.

How can he sue me? This is just a hopeless attempt to show who the boss is, but everyone I know knows that I am the real boss, Massey shouted to the press on Sunday morning.

Storm has not been available for comment after Massey has been very outspoken in the media, but reports via his spokesman that everything Massey says can and will be used against him in court. A potential lawsuit has divided the league in two, where around 90% of the drivers support Storm, the remaining 10% of the drivers have been included in the lawsuit, on the grounds that everyone who does not support Storm will be sued.

Fourth Division driver OnlyFaanz announces on Twitter that he also wants to sue people today.

If Storm can sue, then I can also sue, because Storm is not more important than me, and at least not more important than Massey, so then I also choose to sue Massey, then the court can decide which lawsuit is most important, wrote OnlyFaanz in a statement.