Alpine driver FRT Akos, who is in 11th place in division X, announces a transfer to another division before the coming season. With one race left this season, which takes place in Abu Dhabi on Monday night, anonymous sources fear that the driver will be distracted by the rumors that abound on social media.

FRT Akos (red circle) on 11th place.

Akos himself has not confirmed that he will change division, but Red Bull driver NeoZephyr99 has shown us documentation that Akos will not drive in Division X next season. Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to publish the documentation, as we have not managed to create it yet.

What do you want ?, was all Akos wanted to say about the rumors regarding his transfer. A lawyer, who chooses to remain anonymous, has spoken on behalf of Akos at the bottom of the article.

The evidence that has been presented is that Akos, as a result of a good season, will be moved up to the 2nd division in European Race Night. Among many drivers, driving in the 2nd division is one step up from division X, even though the management of ERN does not agree with exactly that.

No comment, but I think that the rumors you spread should simply be stopped, as rumors can ruin careers, was the anonymous spokesman, Proven54’s comment when 1251 News Channel contacted him.

Akos’ lawyer, who also appears as an agent, believes that the rumors are true, and thus goes against the advice from the driver himself, not to comment before Monday’s race.

I, who is a lawyer, and thus know a lot, due to a long education, and is a much better and smarter person than the ordinary man or woman in the street, can confirm that Akos will change division next season.

Akos himself thinks that is not true, but who is the lawyer here? Yes, it’s me, and I say it’s right, so of course it’s right. As a lawyer, I am simply smart. I’m also an agent, Akos has not signed me yet, but I bet I will be signed as his agent after this statement.

Anonymous lawyer / agent for Akos

Who the hell is this guy speaking on my behalf? was Akos’ harsh comment on the statement.

Akos continued to make several comments, which we have chosen not to include in the article, as it is not suitable for the public.