Baz, who was in the fourth division of European Race Night in the season that just ended, has stated in an interview that he will win all the divisions in the league next season.

Baz hits the ball in the hole.

Our journalist in 1251 News Channel has not bothered to check which team BazTheNinja ran for last season, but Midfield Maestro has written in an MMS that it was not in McLaren. Baz himself did not want to say which car he was driving.

You have nothing to do with which car I drove. The point now is that I am the best driver ERN has ever experienced, and the league should be overjoyed that I drive here. Next season I will win the league superiorly, with one arm on my back, my legs crossed, and without a single teammate, BazTheNinja stated late Saturday night.

KjinOneEye, who actually drove the entire season without a teammate, believes that Baz is the big favorite to win, and that he is also much better than Maestro and Preacher combined. While Maestro and Preacher disappear down to the Fifth Division, Baz will move up to Division X.

No comment, was Sir Spinalot’s boring comment.

Now it remains to be seen whether BazTheNinja can live up to his own predictions, or whether he totally flops and crashes completely out of the league.