Red Bull in more legal trouble

Red Bull, that is already involved in a lawsuit against the Williams-driver OnlyFaanz, is in more trouble after the Red Bull-driver Headhunter, pulled up to OnlyFaanz during qualifier last night in Belgium, and took a photograph of OnlyFaanz in an akward situation, without consent.

The photo Headhunter took.

The photo shows that Headhunter don’t care about safety concerns FIA has about drivers who have their phone in the car during a race. Right after the race, it was reported about huge, massive demonstrations in cities like Alta in Norway, the Watford-area in London, even in the amish-communities in America they demonstrated. The family of the late colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar told world wide media that the drug lord would turn himself over in the grave if he knew what Headhunter did during last nights qualifier.

-This is disastrous. Just awful behavior of Headhunter. Instead of asking me how I am, he pulled up to me, flashed his fancy smartphone, and took a picture of me, before he drove away, I could have died, and all he cares about is likes on these social medias like SnapChat and Instagram maybe, can you get «likes» on Instagram?, OnlyFaanz said to 1251 News Channel.

FIA got a full report after the race, and expect the drivers to meet up in their offices and explain the situation. OnlyFaanz was seen leaving FIAs offices late last night, slamming the doors, over and over again just to be heard, while the Red Bull-driver Headhunter has gone into hiding.

Look, I like taking pictures, okay, was Headhunters response to OnlyFaanz accussations.

OnlyFaanz tweetet about the situation after the race, and is again suing Headhunter after the situation. No court date is set yet.

The video of the incident before Headhunter showed up.