Williams-driver was arrested early Friday morning

OnlyFaanz, who earns his living as a Williams driver on a daily basis, was arrested and placed in custody early Friday morning, after he tried to enter England with a false passport, according to British police. OnlyFaans was described as very uncooperative, and he described the police in the same way as he daily describes Red Bull driver Headhunter, and the police refer to the case as hate crime.

Surveilance footage: OnlyFaanz later escaped from police custody

OnlyFaanz landed in his private plane from The Royal Norwegian Army at 2 o’clock on Friday night, with the Canadian queen, Queen Elisabeth, who for the occasion had turned up at Heathrow to receive OnlyFaanz, unaware that the plane landed at London City Airport, and not Heathrow. Photos we have obtained, which we choose not to publish, show that OnlyFaanz was led away by eight police officers, after being stopped at the passport control. OnlyFaanz, on the other hand, blames the Norwegian police, and believes that they gave him the wrong passport before leaving for England.

-I’m innocent, shouted a desperate Williams driver to a gathering of press corps who had shown up to witness the arrest.

About 90 minutes after OnlyFaanz was arrested, he mysteriously managed to escape from police custody, awaiting questioning. The driver was in England to drive in European Race Nights at Silverstone on Friday night. At the time of writing, the police have chosen not to comment on the case.

We know that OnlyFaanz was in England as a result of a race he will run on Friday night, but we do not have the opportunity to be present at the race, as all police crews are now involved in a manhunt for OnlyFaanz in all places other than Silverstone, said an anonymous spokesman for British intelligence.

The case has affected a whole world in the morning hours on Friday, and statements of support are pouring in in favor of OnlyFaanz, at the same time as a collective driver-grid in ERN has sent its statements of support to the police.

OnlyFaanz took the time to post a message on Twitter while escaping. Twitter distances itself from the message, and is looking at opportunities to suspend the account of OnlyFaanz, without risking being sued.