The Red Bull-driver Headhunter is in big trouble

Headhunter, who daily drives for Red Bull in European Race Nights is in big trouble after todays race in Austria. Sources have told us that he risks suspension indefinitely after comments written on social media. His rival, OnlyFaanz has already contacted lawyers, after threating wih a lawsuit.

Headhunters car

Headhunter came with serious accusations, and chose to change the name of OnlyFaanz, without consent, inside Discord. OnlyFaanz is in shock and disbelief, and has threatened to sue Headhunter, due to the psychic strain the case has on OnlyFaanz.

-I have no comment on the lawsuit from OnlyFaanz, I choose to file a counterclaim instead, Headhunter told 1251 Nyhetskanalen.

This case has its background from 2021, when both Headhunter and OnlyFaanz were admins in the same league, and Headhunter tried on several occasions to throw out OnlyFaanz, even though OnlyFaanz had the role of admin long before Headhunter. The management of ERN has chosen not to comment on the case, as they want this to be a media storm, so that they avoid the media writing about their attempts at bribery.

-If he is going to play tough, then I can also play tough, and I win because I am a winner, was OnlyFaanz’ strong reaction to the comments from Headhunter.

The case is scheduled for a courtroom in Ireland in 2025.