Lawsuit against Red Bull

OnlyFaanz, who drives for Williams, announced on Twitter late Saturday night that he is suing Red Bull, the driver blaming Red Bull, rightly, for losing a podium place in Friday’s race.

OnlyFaanz makes no secret of how much he dislikes the rain in Austria, and blames Red Bull, led by Headhunter and Recoil, for the rain that hit as a surprise in Austria. The driver has previously come up with words to describe the drivers in Red Bull, which are not suitable for the public.

-So, everything’s Red Bulls’ fault. No doubt about it, and they will have to pay dearly, OnlyFaanz told the media on Saturday night.

Red Bull has chosen not to comment on the rumors surrounding the lawsuit, as they risk going bankrupt if they say something that causes them to lose the lawsuit. Sources we have spoken to have made allegations that OnlyFaanz’s Onlyfans-account is not doing so well, regarding lost income, and that the driver is desperately looking for income in other ways.