Dramatic situation in Alpine

The drama in Alpine reached new heights today when the first driver KjinOneEye threatened to go on hunger strike if he did not get a new teammate. The management of Alpine announces in a press conference that due to the team’s financial situation, they do not have the funds to buy food for KjinOneEye anyways.

The conflict within Alpine, which has now led to a hunger strike, started earlier this season after the race in Baku, when the teammate of KjinoneEye crashed out, and has been on strike ever since. Anonymous sources have stated to 1251 News Channel that DeltaFTW, which is still on Alpine’s payroll, has gone into hiding for fear of which side the media will side with.

I demand to get a new teammate, or I will not eat for many years, at least not until I get hungry, which is around noon at 6 tonight, KjinOneEye said on a livestream on Instagram.

Alpine has refused to respond to the accusations from KjinOneEye, and believes this is just a storm in a glass of water, and that in time this will pass, and no one will even remember why the driver chose to go on hunger strike at all. According to social media, KjinOneEye has partial support, at the same time as Red Bull driver Recoil has been ordered by Headhunter, to bring down the Alpine driver in the worst way.

-I will drive on Silverstone tonight, in ERN, and it will be on an empty stomach, KjinOneEye continued.

Ferrari driver Preacher has previously stated that KjinOneEye is a drama queen, and that he will not win a single race on an empty stomach.

-Well, I know I’m old, but not eating for two hours could never occur to me, Alfa Romeo driver Oldman said earlier Friday afternoon.

Now everyone’s eyes are on Alpine and KjinOneEye before the lights go out and the race on Silverstone begins.