Drama in Red Bull

Red Bull drivers Recoil and Headhunter in verbal war regarding who is the best driver of the two. Headhunter is threating to sue Recoil if Recoil don’t admit that Headhunter is the best.

Headhunters car, before it was destroyed in a crash.

Headhunter stated on instagram latest today that Recoil deserves his anger, as Recoil has taken more points than Headhunter in this year’s season in European Race Nights. Recoil stated that he does not want to take part in the conflict with its teammate.

-I do not understand what Headhunter is talking about. He is my teammate, but it seems that he is only interested in drama and intrigue, Recoil told worldwide media.

Due to the media storm this has created, Headhunter has chosen to go into hiding at an unknown location, due to fear of being revealed as a drama queen. Major demonstrations against Headhunter have also been reported around the world, and The White House in the United States has been set on fire, in the same way as in 1814 in connection with the demonstrations.

Former President Donald Trump stated that he supports Headhunter, which is a clear sign that Recoil is the driver who deserves support.

-Donald Trump supports me, and that’s all I have to say, Headhunter wrote in an SMS to the management of ERN.

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