BREAKING: Alpine-driver with a statement

Alpine driver KjinOneEye has for the first time commented on the conflict within the Red Bull team. Why he speaks out is something the media does not fully understand.

KjinOneEye contacted the media, as he felt left out of the discussion that has raged around Red Bull and their drivers. There are many indications that the Alpine driver only wants attention.

I want to give my full support to Recoil. Headhunter, who’s that? He should never have driven for Red Bull. All Headhunter is looking for is to create a rift in a very good and well-formulated Formula 1 environment. Of course, I’ll win this year’s season, as I’m the best, although Headhunter and Red Bull probably think otherwise.

With this, I also want to put the spotlight on Alpine, so that we can also get some attention, as I feel we do not get enough attention in the past.


All eyes will be on KinOneEye in Britain on Friday, but according to sources we have spoken with, he will probably crash out in T1, taking both Headhunter and Recoil with him.